Miles de personas en el mundo han recuperado la alegría y el encanto de la vida.

Talleres de Oración y Vida

Padre Ignacio Larrañaga

Thousands of people have recovered joy and the
enchantment with life.

Prayers and Life Workshops

Father Ignacio Larrañaga


The National Coordination in South Africa would like to share the coming back of PLW in the parishes of Cape Town after the long silence experienced with the starting of COVID. Our Workshops had to be discontinued in March 2019.

God has blessed them with three Workshop this year in different suburbs of the city since the reopening of the Workshops.

Constantia parish, Our Lady of the Visitation, was the first parish to be open to include the PLW in their parish activity program once again in February 2022.  It was well attended and some of the participants who registered for PLW before COVID, were back to start the workshop again.  At the closing of the Desert there was a very good feedback on the impact of PLW in their prayer as well as their personal life.

Milnerton parish, Our Lady of the Annunciation, opened their door to us once again in May 2022.

They were able to facilitate two Workshops, a morning and an evening one. The groups were small but with very committed and interested participants.  The two groups lived their Desert together, which brought very good feed back from the participants who shared how PLW had helped them to deepen their relationship with God, improve their prayer life thanks to the different prayer methods. Many shared the beauty of falling in love with the Bible, learning how to pray Bible holding it in their hands, instead of doing the daily readings from their cellphones.

They pray they will be able to expand their work to more parishes early next year.  God  has blessed them by allowing them to once again be able to facilitate the workshops after COVID.  They pray for God´s blessings on the promotion work they are doing next year.



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