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Marriage Course

Marriage Course

Capacity: 10 couples
Duration: 6 Meetings
1 per week lasting 2 hours each

It is a course, that is not theoretical but practical, in the style of a workshop which, by working, you learn to work. It uses a movement of communication and dialogue, from deep within, from heart to heart. A movement which establishes a current of being open and welcoming, through which the spouses clarify, understand, commit, forgive, accept each other. They enter into harmony, and a reciprocal joy and love are awakened. We want to accompany the couples on their pilgrimage towards the conjugal ideal.

Marriage Course
Marriage Courses in Brazil
On april 23 a series of six Marriages Courses began in the Chapel of Our Lady Aparecida, in the Diocese of San Andrés, Eastern Region. The aim of the course is to bring couples to a better marital harmony and renewal of their marriage. In the city of Palmas, Tocantins, 10 couples lived this Course, three of them were Guides and three other couples sons of Guides. The course was taught by the couple Cida and Erondino of the Local Coordination of Palmas.
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Marriage Course
Marriage Course at Campiña Grande – PB Brazil
A Marriage Course is being facilitated by the Local Coordination at Campiña Grande, West 2, National Area ANB-5. The Course is being conducted at the San Francisco Parish. There are eleven couples attending this course. All very enthusiastic and with good participation. They are interested in improving, more and more, the harmony in their homes having the Word of God and the ever present love of Jesus as their foundation.
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