Miles de personas en el mundo han recuperado la alegría y el encanto de la vida.

Talleres de Oración y Vida

Padre Ignacio Larrañaga

Thousands of people have recovered joy and the
enchantment with life.

Prayers and Life Workshops

Father Ignacio Larrañaga

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Training rules
There exist rules for training that are valid for athletic sports and are also valid for the spirit. If all of a sudden someone tells you, “Walk 30 miles”, you will say, “Impossible!” But if you begin to walk five miles each day the first week, eight miles the second week, and so on progressively, within a year you will have no difficulty in walking 30 miles. What happened? The athletic abilities were asleep, maybe even atrophied, for lack of activity. Once they were put into motion, the muscles awoke and strengthened.
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Routine: an invisible enemy
Routine is like the white termite, silently and invisibly making its way into the wooden beams until it has eaten away and undermined the foundations of the building. It is like the shadow imperceptibly slipping into a room at dusk. Since it is not light, no one likes it; since it is not darkness, no one fears it. Hence, it goes unnoticed. This is called routine. Routine is neither a cancer nor a virus. It does not appear in any pathological chart. Professionals do not know it or, at least, do not worry about it. That is why no one studies its causes or searches for remedies to fight it. Routine is not adventurous and it takes no part in scandals. It goes so unnoticed that no one is afraid even of its shadow.
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Encounter - An Experience of God in Slovenia
The Slovenia National Coordination gladly shares about the “Encounter – An Experience of God” held on July 11-16, at the Spiritual House Kančevci, led by the Capuchin Brothers. The Encounter was taught by Friar Štefan Kožuh, a Capuchin priest who travelled for such event from Celice de Cortona, Italy. During five days, 35 participants experienced the search of the Father, in a process of faith, abandonment and forgiveness, culminating with a feeling of great peace, and with the desire of always having the presence of God’s love and mercy in each one of them.
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Fortunately, this is not the case of the majority who, consciously or subconsciously, find themselves involved in the unavoidable process of adaptation. What is difficult and necessary is to be able to open one’s eyes, and without fright, recognize the spouse’s dark side, pondering the fact that if he/she has shadows, his/her positive qualities show and brightly shine over the entire personality.
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Dreaming and Awaking
When love bursts forth in the springtime of life, lovers believe they know each other, but in the majority of cases, they know only the surface. And they commit themselves in marriage without really knowing each other. For that matter, the human being is almost always an unknown even to him/her self. Many persons are reserved by instinct, and barely open up interior doors calculatedly but more to observe than to be observed.
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Satisfaction and Joy
From the book “The art of being happy” by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga“I have repeatedly witnessed in hospitals the following scene: while I was explaining to those afflicted with incurable diseases how they are participating in the sufferings of the Crucified and how they are accompanying Him in the redemption of the world, I have seen how their faces acquire an aura of inexplicable peace, not to mention a mysterious joy, while they fixed their gaze on the crucifix. They surely felt that suffering is worthwhile because they have found the meaning and usefulness of suffering.
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The Silence of Mary
In the Bible, an awesome silence envelops the character of Mary. The gospels have her appearing and disappearing immediately. The first two chapters speak to us of her. But even there Mary appears like the candelabrum: what is important is the candle, the Light, the Child. As we have already explained, the information about the Infancy has its source in Mary. In other words, we can say that here Mary speaks. And what does she speak about? About Joseph, about Zachary, about Simeon, the shepherds, the angels, the kings...About herself she scarcely says anything. Mary is not narcissistic.
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Onomastic PIL
On a day like today, a May 4 was born as a seemingly small and normal seed, but in reality, it was a spiritual mustard seed, enlightened and chosen by the Holy Spirit himself. Today is not only his anniversary, but also the birth of a blessed and healing Spirituality for so many souls in the world as TOV is. We also celebrate that he is surely living in heaven on this date in the company of so many loving Guides.
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From Jesus the Servant to Jesus the Lord
History has not ended; instead, everything begins now. Death no longer has the last word over the Poor One; on the contrary, it was he who, giving himself up to death, bent it to submission and took away its most fearful sting.There is no other affirmation so categorically repeated in the New Testament, whether in the Gospels or in other apostolic writings, as this one: Christ rose from the dead.
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A magical yet equivocal word
It’s obvious that love is the cornerstone upon which the marriage is built. But since the word love is the most commonly handled word of the dictionary, it has put on more variegated and exotic connotations throughout the centuries. There are those have defined it as emotion, energy, vibration, passion, ideal … etc.
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Before being spouses, persons first
The person itself is the root and source of all human rights. From this are derived, much later, important conclusions which ought to be taken into account when analyzing marital relationships. Every individual born into this world is a someone who has never existed before nor will exist after: that is to say, someone without equal, non-repeatable, unique. When pronouncing the personal pronoun “I” we pronounce the most sacred word in the human dictionary. Since the dawn of humanity until it disappears into the eternal night, no one will ever experience as I do: I am unique in this crazed turbulence of the human tide. A sacred universe opens and closes with me. When we say that man “is” solitude we want to say “I am alone, and only once.” My case is never repeated.
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