Miles de personas en el mundo han recuperado la alegría y el encanto de la vida.

Talleres de Oración y Vida

Padre Ignacio Larrañaga

Thousands of people have recovered joy and the
enchantment with life.

Prayers and Life Workshops

Father Ignacio Larrañaga

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Prodigies of Love

… Upon reaching the hut, a disciple ran out, apparently beside himself with emotion, and exclaimed: “Father Francis, Father Francis” He knelt at Brother Francis’feet and embraced his ankles, kissing his feet over and over again as he athed them with his tears. The Poor Man was stunned, and inquired: “My brother, who are you?”

The Silence of Mary

Leads the reader to the real image of the Mother of Jesus.  Everything that is definitive is found in silence. Silence has been the trademark of Mary’s personality, and in her case, it signified availability and receptivity, fullness and fecundity, fidelity and humanity.

In the meantime, what to do with suffering?  How to mitigate it? How to transform it into our travel and pilgrimage companion?


The Prayer and Life Workshops (PLW) are a new form of EVANGELIZATION. More ALIVE and with a POSITIVE vision. It’s a more vibrant and active presentation of Jesus, which possesses a greater ADAPTATION to the necessities of TODAY’S SOCIETY and what people really need.


Ignacio Larrañaga, a Capuchin priest, writer and evangelizer, who is considered by many a “modern day prophet” or a “21st century mystic” He is the founder of the Prayer and Life Workshops (PLW). His main labor has consisted of leaving, to the world, thousands of lay people prepared and dedicated to teaching deep and personal prayer, which allows a daily encounter with the Lord, in day by day, through a methodology that is entirely based on the experience of the Love of the Father and the wonders that He does in us.


At this moment we invite you to live an encounter with God during which you will feel unconditionally loved, understood, free of fears, anguish . . . being filled with peace, joy and trust . . . you will definitely be happy.

In order to live the depth of this experience of love we suggest that you follow these next steps:

Try to have a soul that is empty, open, quiet, unperturbed, and calmy expectant, because it is the Lord who is coming, in His Word, to have an encounter with you.

Once you have selected a Bible passage, invoke the Holy Spirit. Then, read slowly, very slowly; pause frequently, and realize that God is speaking to you at this very moment, through the words that you are reading.

  1. Remain still and silent
  2. Invoke the Holy Spirit to help you live this experience
  3. Listen to God who speaks to you through his Word as a father speaks to his beloved child

Continue reading and we will help you to live each step.

General news
New Guides in Slovenia
The local Coordination Ljubijana - Maribor, from Slovenia, shares with great joy, the Sending Forth of four new Guides, who make the PLW family in Slovenia growing. The Sent Forth Mass was held on Sunday, January 23rd.
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Encounters – Experience of God
Encounter of Experience of God Seville, Spain
We have received the following invitation from Spain Dear bothers and sisters, with joy we would like to inform you that Prayer and Life Workshops in Spain has organized a “Encounter of Experience with God” in Seville, from the 3rd to the 8th of July 2022. We encourage anybody who would like and is able to attend, to live this Spiritual Retreat that “awakens the thirst of God and quenches it”. These are days where we can live “an intense experience of the love of God, of faith and surrendering, these all will take us to a profound interior transformation” We pray to God for the realization of this EEG and for all the participants coming to experience it.
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General news
Retreat for Guides in Southern Spain
“From the National Coordination of Southern Spain, we want to share with joy to PLW´s family the Retreat for Guides No. 1, “Basic Fundamentals”, that we have celebrated in Spain. Thank God we are returning to normality; We continue with the precautions regarding the Covid, and thus we have managed to live this Retreat in the cities of Tenerife, Moncada (Valencia), Sevilla and Malaga. The Retreat, based on the deepening of the Modalities, has allowed all the assisting Guides, to immerse themselves again in the spirituality and in the content of the ´Style and Life of the Guides´, encouraging a new life of prayer. A new opportunity that these Retreats offer us, with no doubt, we have fanned the flame in our hearts, in order to set the world on fire through our PLW service in every places. We thank God, for everything lived and prayed in these days of Retreat. Glory to the Lord, who has allowed us to celebrate them!!”
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General news
Former PLW
Group of seminarians, all former workshop participants, who will be ordained priests in Mato Grosso, next December 12. Prayer and Life Workshops contributing to the vineyard of the Lord.
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General news
Sent Forth Mass in Guatemala Central America Zone
The South East Local Coordination in the Guatemala City, shares with grate joy the Sent Forth of four new Guides; they are: Celia Angélica Aju Patal, Rony Estuardo Martinez Villagrán, Tatiana Sugey Pedroza Lacayo and Valesca Faillace Padilla. The Sending Forth Mass was celebrated on past saturday november 6.
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General news
International Assembly
The International Ordinary Assembly took place on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 November, in virtual mode, in which 181 Guides, members of the Zonal Teams of the 14 Zones, and all the PLW National Coordinators participated.
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