Miles de personas en el mundo han recuperado la alegría y el encanto de la vida.

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Padre Ignacio Larrañaga

Thousands of people have recovered joy and the
enchantment with life.

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Father Ignacio Larrañaga

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The one who is always coming

Your Spirit, Lord, is the one who attracts us and for that reason we seek You. It is your attractive strength that makes us desire You and seek You.

I therefore begin these moments of deep intimacy with You, with the certainty that You are alive and present in me.

We sing:

The Spirit of the Lord fills the earth. Come, praise Him, hallelujah!

(Song book Path nº 28)   (Pray with the words of the song )


Come Holy Spirit and fill us.
We want to be more like Jesus.
We´re seeking the kingdom
Where Jesus is King…
So come Holy Spirit
We want to be more like Him!

We want to praise Him,
We want to praise Him,
We want to praise Him every day (x2)


We want to serve Him,
We want to serve Him,
We want to serve Him every day (x2)

(Refrain very slowly)

To better prepare your entire body to pray, adopt a relaxed position… Loosen your arms, relax them resting your hands on your lap.. Breath serenely, deeply and calm… The heart feel calm… serene.. Breath deeply, serenely…  forget everything: your work, your home, what you have to do next… Stay empty of every thought of every memory, every image… Empty of everything…  Repeat slowly, softly: nothing… nothing… peace… peace…peace, making more space between the words as you repeat them.

Take a minute to silence your body and your mind…

Open your heart now to listen to these words which were once spoken to Mary of Nazareth, and are now addressed to you:

Luke 1:35

The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will cover you with His shadow; therefore He who is to be born in you will be holy and will be called the Son of God”

Now, with much respect and veneration, open wide the doors of your interiority to welcome the Spirit of God who comes with all His gifts, to flood you, to transform you into a true child of God. Be aware of it so that it becomes a reality, in you.

At this time, consciously, eagerly and joyfully, open yourself to Him and try to feel Him, to perceive Him, with each of these phrases:

  • Come Divine Spirit, fill me with your Spirit

(1 minute of silence between each sentence)

  • Come Sweet Guest of the soul, to enlighten me with your light
  • Come blazing fire, Spirit of love, fill my heart with your love
  • Holy Spirit, fill me completely with your presence. Enlighten that dark world of my unconsciousness.
  • You who are joy that wipes away tears, heals the wounds of life that hurt me.
  • You who are breeze in the hours of fire, quench the grudges of my soul that burn me.
  • You who wash the stains and tame the indomitable spirits, remove from my being the selfish, irascible, spiteful, envious tendencies and leave me a meek, serene and humble heart like that of Jesus.
  • Transform my heart of ice into a soft and merciful heart, like that of Jesus.
  • May your strength and your gifts transform me in a living image of Jesus Christ in the world.
  • May I be less and less me, in my negative, proud and selfish traits and more the image of Jesus Christ in the world.
  • Let those who see me see Him.

Song of Anne  (1Samuel 2:1-2)

1.My heart rejoices in Yahweh,
my horn is exalted by God.
My mouth derides my foes,
for I rejoice in your power of saving.
2.There is none as holy as Yahweh
(indeed, there is no one but You)
no rock like our God