Miles de personas en el mundo han recuperado la alegría y el encanto de la vida.

Talleres de Oración y Vida

Padre Ignacio Larrañaga

Thousands of people have recovered joy and the
enchantment with life.

Prayers and Life Workshops

Father Ignacio Larrañaga

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Come Holy Spirit, Upon PLW’s Family.

The Family of Prayer and Life Workshops is exultant on this Pentecost and Universal Day of the Guide, because the Lord has blessed us in a special way, bringing together in Guadalajara (Mexico) all the Zonal Teams, National Coordinators, and the International Teams; And as a finishing touch to the 2024 International Assembly. United to all the Guides of the world, on Guadalupe’s ground, the Holy Spirit finds us in joyful waiting, as the Apostles made their day. Let’s live this moment as a true renewal of the calling and consecration that we receive when we are sent forth as Guides, to continue our mission with Pentecostal strength until we reach the last ends of the earth in this New Evangelization. Besides, we celebrate 40 walking years of the association, which is evidence of our fidelity to the inspiration of the charisma that Father Ignacio Larrañaga received and that he bequeathed us for the good of the Church and today’s society.

Flooded with the light of the Holy Spirit, we will be bearers of a divine radiance that is transmitted in the look, in the smile, in the words, in the attitude towards life and in relationships with others. It is, ultimately, the unmistakable style of Jesus, which can only be lived and communicated by who has experienced the joy of his presence firsthand.

We incarnate in this world his Golden Dream, a Fraternity that is above any human contingency, freed from the chains of the ego, to give ourselves entirely to others in the blessed name of Love.

Here and now, his dream has come true, because we have known the Love of God and we have believed in it. A love that cannot be held back nor enclosed because it flows incessantly until it overflows the hearts and has the power to give life and regenerate any wound. May we celebrate this gift received freely, because it is the most precious that could be desired and expected. This is our great heritage, let us take care of it and ensure that each day its fruits multiply. We are rich in Love, and we can share it and donate it endlessly.

May we ask in one voice and with the same feeling: Come, Holy Spirit, upon the

Family of Prayer and Life Workshops, so that we may be one with Christ, giving light to our Church and to the world.

TOV International Team



Holy Spirit is a huge mystery. The liturgy of Pentecost assures us that His voice resonates to the ends of the earth; and Jesus tells us that, when the time comes, the Spirit will remind us, and make us understand his doctrine in the last privacy.

The Sanctifying spirit works discreetly and tirelessly in the silence of our hearts. Since it is everywhere, perhaps that is why we don’t perceive his presence.

From Him come all the holy lights of our soul, and in the deepest part it is where our supernatural being takes root.

He took possession of us in baptism without uttering a word, and from then he hasn’t said anything. It always operates in the silence of the heart.

He has been preparing everything in the depth of our being before we were aware of it.

Nothing escapes the action of the Spirit. He is the one who organizes my entire existence, and From the Trinitarian depth comes this movement of energy, compassion, and mercy.

Oh, Divine Spirit, consolation of my soul, rest from my fatigues, breeze in the heat. Heal my wounds, fill me with all your gifts, make me a new creature after the image of Christ Jesus

Taken from Circular Letters # 21 of Father Ignacio Larrañaga.