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Last Saturday, May 13, 2023, the Sending Forth of four new fellow Guides was celebrated in the Loretanska convent in Krakow, three of them are from Krakow and one from Stalowa Wola.

The Mass was celebrated by the Capuchin priest Fr. Robert Rabka, who is also a Guide at Stalowa Wola. At this celebration, all the lay Guides from Poland were present and also Sister Joanna Banasiak, Capuchin, who is also a Guide in Siennica.

To accompany these Guides from Poland, Mercedes Rodríguez, Zonal Coordinator for Europe and Eulalia Barbeta, Zonal Secretary, joined.

The Guides sent forth are: Agnieszka Ekwinskachmura, Barbara Wolak, Anna Kozbial, all from Krakow and Piotr Szwed from Stalowa Wola. In the next few months Bogumila Kapala is due to be sent forth in Stalowa Wola.

We thank a guide from Poland, Fr Piotr Komorniczak, a Capuchin priest, who lives in Kaunas, Lithuania, where he is giving workshops in that country.

THANKS BE TO GOD for so many blessings in this Sending Forth and because the TOV family is growing and expanding in Poland!!