Miles de personas en el mundo han recuperado la alegría y el encanto de la vida.

Talleres de Oración y Vida

Padre Ignacio Larrañaga

Miles de personas en el mundo han recuperado
la alegría y el encanto de la vida.

Talleres de Oración y Vida

Padre Ignacio Larrañaga


Date: From January 26th, 2022, thru May 13th, 2022

Place: St. Peter’s Church, Plymouth, MA

• I highly recommend this workshop to everyone. I feel closer to God and more committed to prayer. My spiritual life is richer, and I have learned forgiveness.

• Has taught me to embrace prayer differently.

    For example, when reading scripture to put it in present tense. Instead of “we” it is “I”. Extremely powerful!

    I am so much more aware of thinking before speaking – What would Jesus do or say in these circumstances? when I feel challenged.

    This course has helped me to become more patient, kind and understanding, and by no means certainly not perfect but striving to be the best version of myself!

    Our PLW Guide is an excellent instructor and most patient. She is very sincere and caring, also very resourcing.

    I would highly recommend this class Prayer and Life Workshop to others.

    Hopefully you will offer this course again in the near future.

    The big part I enjoyed in this course was the scripture and reading the Bible. Doing the Homework! Twelve years in catholic school never read the Bible. I learn to love the Bible!

    Thank you, Fr. Joe, our Pastor for seeing the need and opening the doors of St. Peter’s for our weekly classes.

    Thank you again for you and all that you do.

• The Prayer and Life Workshop was wonderful. Learned to calmly, prayerfully bring myself to God, to really feel God’s love and presence in my life.

• I came to this workshop hoping to find a more intimate relationship with God. To feel closer more connected, more trusting of His promises. Also, hoping to find His purpose for me.

    Week by week I have become more comfortable reading the Bible and also better able to feel God speaking to me through to the Word.

    I have also found that journaling while reading the passages help me to express my prayers in writing. My feelings just seem to flow that way. That is new to me, something I hadn’t realized before this prayer workshop.

    Something else that had come to me since being a part of the Prayer and Life Workshop is the desire to spend some time in adoration. I have been to two different chapels to sit quietly and pray on several occasions. This is something I felt intimidated by before but now I want to do it more often.

    I feel more connected to my catholic faith than I did before. I seem to be looking at the Eucharist in a new way and wanting to experience it more intimately.

    I’ve enjoyed learning several different prayer methods and will take that with me. I have also enjoyed listening to the recordings each week teachings on God’s nature, on the life of the Virgin Mary, and how to be more like Jesus in our everyday lives.

    Most of all I have enjoyed being a part of this special group. Sharing our struggles, our joys, and revelations! Week to week it was very special to be with others who love Jesus and desire to live closer to him.

    It has also given me the confidence to step out in faith more, which means it has increased my trust in God.

    I will take all of this with me, and I can most definitely say that this experience has left me with the desire to walk closer each day with Jesus. It has brought me more peace.

• I am blessed to have been invited to participate in the Prayed and Life Workshop.

    I had been away from the Church for a long time. Not long after asking for God’s help, I returned, and He put the PLW Guide in my path.

    Although I fairly much always “prayed” it was mostly “saying” prayers.

    I was seeking, without truly knowing, a greater connection to Jesus.

    The workshop has not always been easy and sometimes overwhelming, in the beginning. However, I am on the journey and appreciate the different ways to prayer and achieving a connection with God.

    And mostly looking at me and having a better understanding of Jesus life, the divine and human, I am grateful for our facilitator who was both firm and gentle with us. Blessings to her.

• The Prayer and Life Workshop has changed my life.

    It was a powerful experience for me, giving me a more personal relationship with the Lord.

    It has given me the tools to deepen my prayer life, especially through a new way of reading Scripture and then putting its words into action.

• I did not know what I would learn from the “Prayer and Life Workshop” when I signed up for the program.

    I have used one method of prayer my entire life which segmented into my everyday life. The workshop exposed me to numerous and productive methods for prayer as well as talking to Jesus many times a day.

    I now know why I signed up for the “Prayer and Life Workshop” … JESUS GUIDED ME.